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Alexander McGillis - Jessie (Stewart or Stuart) McGillis)

Bristol, QC

Theresa (Nichaus or Nichous)  and William Baker (or Becker )

Petawawa, Ontario

William was from Herne Germany

  • George McGillis (1888),

  • Allan McGillis (1889)

  • Angus McGillis (1893)

  • Charles (Charlie) McGillis (1895),

  • Mae McGillis (Mrs Henry Bud) (1898),

  • Stewart McGillis (1901)

  • Foster McGillis (1907)

  • Carson McGillis

  • Emma Baker (Mrs Adolf Wegner) (1897)
  • Henry (Harry) Baker (1899)
  • Annie May Baker (Mrs Charles McGillis)(1901)
  • Minnie (1904)
  • Elsie Baker (Mrs Harvey) (1906)
  • Charles (Charlie) Baker (1910)
  • Albert (Ab) Baker
  • Edward (Eddie) Baker


For these entries the following format is followed - registration #, groom's name, age, occupation, his birth place, his residence, his parents' names; bride's name, age, her birthplace, her residence, her parents' names; witnesses, date & place of marriage

Renfrew 1923 Marriages

19486-23 (Renfrew Co) Henry John BECKER, 24, Ottawa, Chalk River, s/o William BECKER & Theresa NICHAUS married Ida Christine WEGNER, 19, daughter of a farmer, Petewawa, Petewawa, d/o Henry WEGNER & Emma LINDEMANN, witn: Egbert WEGNER & Nora WIGNER of Petewawa, Charles MCGILLIS of Chalk River & Minnie BECKER of Pembroke, 12 June 1923, Petewawa

19696-23 (Renfrew Co) Charles MCGILLIS, 27, farmer, Bristol Que, Buchanan, s/o Alexander MCGILLIS b. Bristol Que & Jessie STUART married Annie May BAKER, 21, household duties only, Buchanan, Wylie, d/o William BAKER b. Herne Germany & Tressa NICHOUS, witn: Stewart MCGILLIS & Minnie BAKER of Chalk River, 22 Aug 1923, St. Andrews Church, Chalk River

Renfrew 1913 Marriages

13555-13 (Renfrew Co) Adolf WEGNER, 26, not given, Petewawa, Chalk River, s/o August WEGNER, farmer & Marie WOHLFEIL married Emma Christine BECKER, 17, Ottawa, Chalk River, d/o Wilhelm BECKER, farmer & Therese NEUHAUS, witn; Hermann BUDD & Pauline PRANGE of Chalk River, 27 June 1913, Pembroke

Renfrew 1912 Marriages

17422-12 (Renfrew Co) George MCGILLIS, 24, not given, Onslow, Smith Falls, s/o Alex MCGILLIS, watchman & Jessie STEWART married Annie May TENNANT, 20, Buchanan, Chalk River, d/o Richard TENNANT, car repairer & Elizabeth WATSON, witn: Allan MCGILLIS & Annie May TENNANT of Chalk River, 26 June 1912, Chalk River



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