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Chalk River, Ontario, Canada

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December 2008

I am looking for support and interest to put together a Memories book and Website for Annie and Charlie McGillis (Family and Friends) Recipes, Stories and Photos.

A few of us started thinking some of our favourite family recipes and stories may be lost, if we donít make an effort to capture them.

Send me information (electronically and hardcopy), which I captured on the website and then also used to create a book in the future.  

Each part of the family tree needs to help provide photos, stories, recipes about the family.

Ask others in your family, I still need to get more email addresses to let people know. So forward to others.  Is there interest to do this?  Are you willing to help?

Hope to hear from you.

Dianne Lemire



Contact: Dianne  

March, 2009
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