2022 Event Results - Final

Individual Results (pdf file)

Team Results (pdf file)

Individual Goals (pdf file)

· most km skied by an individual: Jamie Hopkins (536 km)

· most km showshoed by an individual: Bill Graham (116 km)

· youngest skier: Hadley Richardson, age 21 mths

· youngest snowshoer: Robert Kim, age 15 yrs

· best outfit: Diane Wensel, for her ancient down jacket that she wore at the 1973 Silver Spoon race

· best photo: Susan Butler, for her artistic shot through the trees of two skiers on M loop

· best story: Hugh Boniface, for the tale of the meadow vole that skied with him one evening

· oldest equipment and/or clothing: Andrew Toomey, for his traditional rawhide snowshoes.

· most km skiied by a team: Metcalfe Mob (1138 km)

· most km showshoed by a team: Slow Unsteady (252 km)

· Odyssey skiers: Grumpy Curmudgeon, Diane Davis, Phil Davis, Robert Donders, Bill Graham, Ray Metcalfe, Katharine Myers, Yvette Plaice, Helena Rummens, Bruce Smith

· Odyssey snowshoers: Hugh Boniface, Susan Butler, Bill Graham, Andrew Toomey

2021 Event Results

Final Results

Individual Results (pdf file)

Team Results (pdf file)

A big shout out to those who obtained:

Ski Goal - Odyssey: Mike Beale, Diane Davis, Phil Davis, Bob Donders, Steve Eyvindson, Ailsa Eyvindson, Ray Metcalfe, Yvette Plaice, Helena Rummens, Jay Serdula, James Smith, Bruce Smith, Peter Van Wagner, Diane Wensel and May Zhang

Ski Goal - Adventure: Bruce Heinmiller,

Snowshoe Goal - Adventure: Martin Smith

Well done to all participants. It has been a pleasure preparing the results.


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