History of the Silver Spoon

In the early 1970's, cross- country skiers Kjarten Aston-Eikrem and Henry Hollo unearthed a silver spoon while clearing trails at the east end of Deep River. This small shiny treasure became the inspiration for the names ‘Silver Spoon Cross Country Ski Trails' and the ‘Silver Spoon Ski Fest’.

Eikrem and Hollo, both keen skiers of Nordic background, along with other local cross-country skiers organized the first ever Silver Spoon Classic race on Saturday January 20, 1973. The race was held on the Silver Spoon circuit trail with the starting gates located on the lands just east of Deep River. A total of 25 participants entered in 5 available categories.

Since its inception the Silver Spoon race has grown in size and in popularity, hosting in peak years over 300 race participants. It has offered an entire weekend of events, including a Saturday evening buffet and at various times, a dance, Sunday loppet and an orienteering event. Since 1975 the Silver Spoon Ski Fest weekend has been managed by the Silver Spoon Organizing Committee, a branch of the Deep River Cross Country Ski Club.

The small silver spoon found by Eikrem and Hollo is now displayed on the Silver Spoon Trophy. It is awarded each year to the fastest male and female classic style racers. 

The Silver Spoon

In Deep River in the fall of 1972
One day as they arrived in the forest
while clearing a trail for skiing
were Aston Eikrem and Henry Hollo!
were their two young children
Sean Hollo and Andreas Eikrem!

While playing deep in the pristine forest
a beautiful silver spoon was found!
A silver spoon!
shining in the forest!
Meant for the fastest!
Meant for the win!
for young and old!
And they called it
The Silver Spoon!

Now! Today as the race starts
Put all your emotions behind you
Put all your emotions aside!
Put on your race face
And give it your pace!
Get physically ready!
work up a sweat!
as you race to the test!
Ski as fast as you can!
as you feel the snow beneath you!
along this pristine land!

A silver Spoon! and 15 kms to go!
Gleaming in the forest Gleaming in the snow!
Gleaming in the sun!
A trophy to be won!
For young and old!
For the fastest to be won!
A silver spoon!

And today as each year passes
The quest for the silver spoon grows
The Silver Spoon!
As we ski in the trails of champions!
In memory of Henry Hollo!

A silver spoon!
Gleaming in the forest!
Gleaming in the sun!
For memories to be won!
A trail of champions! Yeah!
And we call it!
The Silver Spoon!

copyright 2020: Janet Marie Burns