2022 Event Details



Skiers and snowshoers are welcome to participate in the 50th Silver Spoon Ski (and Snowshoe) Fest, which will run from Saturday, January 29(12:01 a.m.) to Sunday, February 6 (11:59 p.m.) – nine days.

This virtual event will follow participants as they ski and snowshoe for physical exercise while complying with covid restrictions.

Objective #1: ski and/or snowshoe as many kilometres as possible in nine days.
Objective #2: ski and/or snowshoe as many specific trails as possible in nine days.

The Silver Spoon Committee is pledging money (profits from past events) to alocal charity in proportion to your kilometres: $0.50 / km up to a maximum of $5,000 total. The charity chosen for 2022 is the Four Seasons Conservancy (also known as the Deep River Four Seasons Recreational Trail System).


The event “courses” consist of any trail in the area bounded by Driftwood Provincial Park in the west and Petawawa Research Forest in the east. Examples are:

  • Silver Spoon / Four Seasons trails
  • Petawawa Research Forest trails
  • Bass Lake trails
  • CNL trails (for employees at CNL)
  • Driftwood Provincial Park trails
  • backcountry trails across from Deep River in Quebec

Maps and distances for both sking and snowshoeing can be found at http://drxc.ca/maps/. A few paper maps will be available at the DRXC chalet.
Kilometres travelled on other trails (e.g., at North Bay Nordic) will not be counted in the kilometre tally. This is to encourage people to discover our fantastic local trails and stick close to home.

Tracking Kilometres

To track your kilometres, you can use either your own GPS or the maps and distance tables posted at http://drxc.ca/maps/. Calculate your kilometres to the nearest 0.1 km.

Tracking Trails

Goals for skiers:
Level 1 (Tour): Silver Spoon ski loops D, R, X, C
Level 2 (Journey): same as Level 1, plus Silver Spoon ski loops M, S, B, H
Level 3 (Adventure): same as Level 2, plus Acer, HSA, and Hawk ski trails at the Forestry
Level 4 (Odyssey): same as Level 3, plus Silver Spoon P loop, plus Bass Lake ski trail to the cabin, plus one other local backcountry ski trail.

Goals for snowshoers:
Level 1 (Tour): all Four Seasons riverside snowshoe trails (Welsh Bay Route, Voyageur Boulder, Balmer Bay, and Soggyland Shortcut)
Level 2 (Journey): same as Level 1, plus all Four Seasons southside snowshoe trails (Marsh Ecology, Beech Hill, Cranberry Lake, and Hidden Valley)
Level 3 (Adventure): same as Level 2, plus all Forestry snowshoe trails (1.6 km, 2.7 km, and 1.9 km)
Level 4 (Odyssey): same as Level 3, plus Bass Lakes snowshoe (BLISS) trail, plus one local snowshoe exploration.

In the Team category, the 4 members of the team do not need to always ski together, but they must each achieve a level to claim that level as a team.

Reporting Your Progress

After you sign up (see Registration tab), we’ll email you a link to an easy Google Form submission page. On a daily basis, you can enter your kilometres and trails achieved there. The reporting is completely on the honour system.

To submit your km that you ski or snowshoe and the trails done, please complete the form found at the link below and click "Submit" when done (the Submit button is down on the bottom): 2022 Silver Spoon Submission

You can submit as often as you like during the week, but ensure you only submit the km you ski one time. Every submission should only include NEW distance skied or snowshoed.

If you’d rather not go online, contact our registrar Kevin McDonald (kmcdonald11@yahoo.ca, 613-584-1287) with your sign-up and tracking information.


The biggest awards will be bragging rights! But we'll have Silver Spoon trinkets for:

  • most km skied by an individual
  • most km showshoed by an individual
  • youngest skier
  • youngest snowshoer

And we're looking for:

  • best outfit
  • best photo
  • best story
  • oldest equipment and/or clothing
  • most km skiied by a team
  • most kn showshoed by a team

Submit your photo or story to Anne Murphy (amcmurf@gmail.com) by Wednesday, February 9 at the latest.



Please bear in mind these very important safety precautions:

  • Comply fully with covid restrictions. Keep a respectful and safe distance between skiers or snowshoers. Bring a face covering (mask or buff) in case you need to get close.
  • Avoid skiing or snowshoeing alone. If you do go out alone, let someone know which trails you’ll be on and when you’ll be back.
  • Always have a map with you, especially on backcountry trails. It’s very easy to get disoriented in the bush.
  • Bring a cell phone (if you have one) and keep it warm. Be prepared to call 9-1-1 in case of a serious injury.
  • Backcountry trails are remote and sometimes very difficult. Bring a backpack with at minimum extra clothing, food and water, first-aid kit, duct tape. Go slow and make conservative decisions.

We urge you to read the two-page DRXC Emergency Procedure.