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In 2022: the Ski Fest will be a multi-day ski and snowshoe loppet instead of a race.

The 50th Silver Spoon Ski (and Snowshoe) Fest will be held from Saturday, January 29 to Sunday, February 6, 2022.

  • The 2022 event is open to cross-country skiers and snowshoers.
  • This virtual event will follow participants as they ski and snowshoe for physical exercise while complying with covid restrictions.
  • Participants will ski or snowshoe as much as they want (or can!) in the nine-day period, and track their kilometres.
  • Participants will also track which trails they have used.
  • No timing, no cost, no pressure – easy.
  • Accumulated kilometres will qualify for bragging rights and a donation to a local charity.
  • Participants are also welcome to donate in lieu of a registration fee.
  • The “course” will consist of any trail in the area bounded by Driftwood Provincial Park in the west and Petawawa Research Forest in the east.
  • Participant skiers must be members of the Deep River Cross-Country Ski Club (DRXC). Skiers and snowshoers must submit a one-time Four Seasons Conservancy waiver.

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