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Ladybug Crafts

Ladybug (styrofoam ball)

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  • 2 inch Styrofoam balls (Use only one half)
  • Black pipe-cleaners (4 inches long (6 legs/2 antenna) 8each)
  • Red See-through wrapping paper (often used for food baskets)
  • Red and Black Markers
  • Glue or straight pins depending on age of children


  • Cut styrofoam balls in half (2inch)
  • Colour round half ball
    • black head, red body with black dots
  • Attach 6 legs along flat bottom (3 per side)
  • Attach 2 antennas at top of head
  • Cut 2 semi- circles (2") for wings from See-through gift wrap.  Attach to the body with glue or straight pins, just below the head

Ladybug (paper plate)

  • 6 inch plain white paper plates
  • Red Crayons
  • Black Craft Paper
  • Adhesive squares used for scrap books or glue
  • little squiggly eyes
  • Glitter


  • Colour the top of an upside down paper plate red
  • Cut out Large circle for Head, small circles for back
  • Glue or use adhesive to attach small circles to the back and then attach the head.
  • Decorate with Squiggly eyes on head and glitter as desired.

Ladybug (paper mache)

Nov08_11.jpg (42998 bytes)


  • Paper Mache
  • Red and Black Paint
  • Small (Head) and Large (Body) Margarine Container
  • 2 Black Pipe Cleaners


  • Tape two margarine containers together to form the base shape.
  • Cover shape with Paper Mache and let dry
  • Glue pipe cleaners for antenna's and curl
  • Paint black head, red back and let dry
  • Paint black spots



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