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Stories and Songs

Changing Colours

Written by Dianne Lemire,
Graphics by Liz Wichman ©Copyright 1995 1996 1997

Grant, Colin and Lesley decided to meet in the Sugar Bush after school.

Eric saw that his friends were home from school and heading for the Sugar Bush, so he decided to join them.

The leaves on the trees in the Sugar Bush were beginning to change colour.

Some leaves were , some were and others were .

The leaves looked beautiful in the bright sunlight.

Lesley suggested that they pick some of the prettiest leaves they could find.

They found some leaves on the trees, while others had fallen off and lay on the ground.

Grant noticed that the leaves had different shapes and colours.

He had a brilliant maple leaf , with 3 large points.

Colin had picked a bright birch leaf , which only had one point.

Eric's leaf was from an oak tree and it had many points.

They played games with the leaves, throwing them in the air, and letting them rain down on top of each other.

They made piles of leaves and jumped on top of them.

Just then, their Mothers called them to come in for supper.

They did not want their fun to stop, so they each collected a few leaves to take home.

What else could they do with all those leaves?

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