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Easy Candy House
Have a Candy House Decorating Party...make house ahead and invite your friends to come and decorate
Graham Wafer Crackers

4 - 2"x4" crackers
2 - 2"x2" crackers

Works best with Crackers roughly 2" x 4" or you will need to use icing to hold them together for long walls.

Royal Icing
Candies, Pine cones,...for decorating

(We use our Halloween Candies, since we don't allow to much of it to be eaten...Food Colouring Allergies)

Styrofoam Meat Trays covered with Tin foil.

Icing Sugar

Make Houses

At least the day before assemble house.

Make a batch of Royal Icing.

Lay 2 longer crackers (2"x4") down parallel to each other with 2 smaller cracker (2"x2") between at each end. These will become the walls.

Pipe a thick line of icing along the short (2") sides of the longer walls. Attach the smaller walls to the longer walls to form the house walls. (Note the Icing is the glue).

Let dry about 1 hour.

Lay 2 long crackers (2"x4") beside each other near the house walls.

Pipe a line thick of icing along the top edge of the house walls above.

Pipe a thick line of icing along the long edge of one cracker. Attach the other cracker to form a V for the roof and place on the house walls. (Note this is the hardest part. you might have to hold in place for a minute or 2.

Let dry overnight.

Aside Note: Let kids create their own House Patterns might have some very interesting houses.

Decorate Houses

Make Royal Icing.

Decorate houses as desired.

Aside Note: To add that soft fresh snow look -- Sift icing sugar lightly over the decorated house/yard.