Stewart Reunion
Weekend of June 24, 2006

Reunion Song

Written by Margaret Ann Hanlon (Stewart)
On the occasion of the Jacob Stewart/Margaret McCauley reunion
Sung to the tune of Sink the Bismarck
June 24, 2006

In the year of 1870, Jacob left his Irish home
It grieved him so but crops were poor, and he knew he had to go
He survived the trip - it was pretty rough, - but he had a plan
To bring Margaret to this new land, and start the Stewart Clan.

He worked and toiled and cleared some land down Petawawa way
It took 10 years til Margaret came , such a happy day
His sperm was good, 5 kids they had, and how they loved to watch
Robert, Margaret, Jake, Mary and Dan - the baby of the batch

One day some men from government arrived at his front door
They told him that he had to move - it made him mighty sore
He raised his hand, and raised a gun, was grabbed by 9 or 10
In the end he lost and they moved him out - bread baking in the pan.

We are - we are,
The Stewarts from up the way
We live and love and work and play until the end of day
Our family 's big, our hearts are too - come - join us for tea
Cause there ain't nothin' better than you telling lies to me.


They gave him land in Point Alexander
Hearly Limit was just right
It fed the kids, gave them a home
A good place to sleep at night
Margaret hitched Bob McCauley, Mary to John McKay
Robert & Dan stayed bachelors - until their dying day.


Jacob married Lizzy Knox - had 5 children of their own
One of which was our Daddy Jake - a power well renowned
He married Janet Allan - moved around a little bit
Finally bought the Marion Place - the moving had to quit.

Cause they had 15 children - Jake and Janet did
12 boys and those 3 girls - who I hear did all the work
Imagine the sheets, and towels, and meals, and the table long
Nanny had to have been an angel with an arm mighty strong.

Cause she made all those donuts, and sugar cookies we all love
Think about the times that spoon went round, and round the bowl with love
She's mend your pants, and mend your heart when things didn't turn out right
And I imagine that that strong arm settled many a fight.

And Jake - well he was working - those deals had to be made
And though he was a little lad he was not afraid
To tackle the bush there was money there - he would have it for his own
Bud was 13 now, Mel 12, Ivy'd soon be fully grown.


The years went by and they passed on those kin from another year
When we look at what they started we can raise our voice and cheer
Cause they gave us pride and they gave us love and they gave us who we are
As we pass this to our children - they become bigger stars!


They started talking about us when they came into our land
The Stewarts from up the highway, come here from Ireland
One hell of a bunch with kids galore, big bunch some red some black
Handsome looking people, mostly lumberjacks.

Rumour has it they were strong and lean and could tackle the biggest tree
People knew them far and wide - for their votes torys said please
Trucks and dogs, and skidders and saws carved their name in the valley hue
Joe Mufferaw was so impressed - hugged his ox till it turned blue.

I heard the table was mighty long, and every meal was plenty full
Sowbelly, pork, potatoes and beans and sometimes mutton too
They took to writing plays when they found our history fun
Mixed us up with folks from AECL - then gave it to us to run.


Now if you visit Ballymoney, to Antrim County you do roam
That gentle land they came from and knew only as home
You'll find your arms will prickle as you gaze upon its shore
Our roots are long, and they dig right down to its very soul.

There are strange things done in this valley town
By men who toil for life
And the timbers tall can tell it all
Of a man .. and his brave wee wife.

timber timber timber

Repeat chorus

Written by Margaret Ann Hanlon (Stewart)
On the occasion of the Jacob Stewart/Margaret McCauley reunion
Sung to the tune of Sink the Bismarck
June 24, 2006

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