This is my message of thanks to be forwarded to all the Staff Hotel Memories project team individuals who donated so generously of their time to make the project the resounding success it is, in my opinion.  Congratulations to all who contributed their recollections and images as well.  As usual Al Bancroft lead this noble effort with a competence and style we all aspire to.
 I enjoyed seeing many old friends and renewing acquaintances at the DRYTC book launch early in August as part of the Summerfest activities.  Of course, quite a few could not be present for one good reason or another.
Still, I felt consoled by the many excellent pictures and stories presented in the book which evoked pleasant memories of 10 years of Hotel life.
 Now if only an equally enthusiastic crew there would undertake the sequel Staff Hotel X-Rated Memories suitable for publishing as Harlequin Romances, it could likely recover any cost overruns! 
Well done!
                 Doug Werner
                 Saint John, New Brunswick

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