Deep River Underwater Club (DRUC)

  Deep River, Ontario

DRUC Safety/Risk Management Program


(Contact: Marc Audet)

Scuba diving is a sport that carries risks that require careful management.  Effective management of these risks, and safety in general, are of paramount importance in the operation of the DRUC.  The club is in the process of preparing a safety assurance guideline that establishes the basic elements that represent a reasonable approach in assuring safety and in managing risks.  These elements follow from common sense, industry practices, regulations (where applicable), and from the NAUI Risk Management Handbook.  The guideline describes the safety elements important to all aspects of the club’s scope of operation, from organizing/running dive events and providing training, to maintaining equipment, renting equipment, and investigating any unsafe events. 

The fundamental concept in the NAUI Risk Management Handbook is that qualified divers are responsible for their own actions and for their own safety while diving is a key element of the DRUC’s approach in managing risks.  The Safe Diver Decree below reflects this view.

All of the DRUC dive events are carried out under the guidance of a “dive coordinator”, who fulfills a leadership-type role in the execution of the dive.  While this person does not provide (direct or implied) dive supervision, the dive coordinator guides the participants into a safe dive by working through a “dive coordinator checklist” that reminds divers of key components of preparing for a safe dive, such as;

Reviewing the nature of the dive site (layout, hazards, logistics),

Identifying the emergency equipment available, the emergency responders participating in the dive (first aiders, Rescue Divers, O2 providers), and the nearest means of activating EMS,

Reminding divers to ensure that they;

·         have determined what their training or experience limitations are, for the site in question,

·         are diving in buddy pairs,

·         have discussed their dive plan with their buddy,

·         have discussed their lost buddy plan with their buddy,

·         have the minimum safe dive equipment,

·         and other important matters,

And,… reminding the divers that they are responsible for their own safety.  


Safety Resources

 Safe Diver Decree

 Dive COORDINATOR Check List

NAUI Risk Management Handbook – refer to NAUI Worldwide web site

NAUI Services Canada Divemar Inc.



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