Deep River Underwater Club (DRUC)

  Deep River, Ontario

DRUC Training Program 2008

(Contact: Peter Angell)

We'll be offering a Basic Scuba course again this year, starting in April and ending in June, as usual.  Please pass any names of people possibly interested in certification to myself or Peter Angell.  We'll be offering a Rescue Diver course as well, which is an excellent addition to basic or advanced training certification.  More info on this course will follow, but based on a request from one diver, we're looking at initiating the course in March (classroom sessions).  If you are interested in this course (I'd highly recommend it), please advise Peter Angell or myself as soon as possible.  The training program is actually in operation right now with Brent working towards completing his Assistant Instructor certification, while I'm working at a Dive Master certification.


BASIC Scuba Course

The DRUC's annual Basic scuba course will be initiated in mid April.  We have a long list of "interested people" that we're keeping informed on this training.  If you have family members, friends, or others that you know are interested in certification, please refer them to myself or Peter Angell right away.613-584-4617)

Rescue Diver Course

The NAUI Rescue Diver course is being planned this week.  Cost and scheduling information will be sent later this week from our instructor Peter Angell.  We have 5 people interested in taking the course, so it will definitely be moving forward.  This is an excellent course that not only teaches you how to respond to an emergency (water rescues), but more importantly how to identify initiators for incidents and why it's important to resolve minor issues before they compound and potentially lead to an incident then an emergency.  I took the course in 2003 and benefited significantly from it (made me a better diver because of the risk awareness that it promotes). I'd highly recommend it. If you're interested in joining in on this course, contact Peter Angell right away (613-584-4617). {More information on the course.....].


DRUC Training Program - NAUI Scuba Rescue Driver



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