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    2010 Season

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Events Program

The basic concept in our Events Program is to offer at least one “organized dive” each month and the occasional “evening dive” at our favourite local dive site.  Our more experienced divers are also involved in exploring lakes and river in the area in search of interesting sites.  We are also active (in a gradual sense) in dive “projects” that intended to make a positive contribution to the environment and diving in general.

Note that to participate in Club events, each participant must complete a NAUI Liability Waiver form and a DRUC Safety Information Form (just once, not for each dive).  If you are “new to the club” you will be required to perform a simple checkout dive with our instructor to ensure that your skill level remains satisfactory.  These registration activities must be completed in advance of participating in any club dive events.

Organized Dives – Local and Regional

The organized dives typically involve logistical details (e.g., boat shuttling), so there’s a need for members to pre-register for the event by calling the contact person several days in advance.  Pre-registering is important not only to confirm with the organizer that there is enough interest in running the event, but also to confirm that the date has not been shifted because of local conditions (high current, severe weather).  In this regard, the dates for the events given on the Events Calendar are subject to change!!

While most of the organized dive events are at local sites (~within an hour driving time), we also include one or two regional dives each year, i.e., dive sites within several hours drive.  These more-elaborate dive events involve full or extended weekends (e.g., St. Lawrence River).  In 2008, we’ll be offering two St. Lawrence wreck dive weekends (late June and mid September) and we’ll be returning (after over a decade) to Tobermory (late August).  The dives that are more local to Deep River that we’ll be offering from June through to October include;

  • The crayfish hunt (& pot luck dinner) at Lake Clear

  • A restoration dive on the flooded village of Stonecliffe(replacing guide lines, installing signs demarcating the buildings, mapping the features, etc),
  • A visit to the wreck of the Mayflower on Kamineskeg Lake,
  • A summer picnic dive on Lake Clear, and of course, several visits to the clay wall in the mouth of the Petawawa River (where if you’re lucky you’ll run into sturgeon and gar pike along with many other varieties of our fine finned friends)

This all lines up to be a healthy portion of fun and interesting diving.

The plan this year is to align the schedule for the organized dives with the schedule for training dives for NAUI Advanced certifications.  This way, by participating in the events, you can at the same time collect dive-credits towards higher certification, if you chose.  Although the schedule is still under development, the first organized dive events are listed below, and tentative dates for other events are also listed.

Evening Dives

The evening dives are less organized – these are shore dives at local sites (e.g., within 30 minutes drive), held usually on Wednesday evenings, several times a month (depending on interest).  This diving has a social spin to it, because we often find ourselves meeting at a nearby restaurant afterwards for a “snack”.  The dive site will be announced (via e-mail) a few days in advance, and if you’re interested in participating, you simply let the organizer know that you’re interested (in case the site is changed at the last minute for safety or other reasons), then show up.  If you need to rent gear, you’ll have to arrange for this ahead of time, but logistically-speaking, these weekly dives are intended to be quite informal.  As such, suggestions for dive sites are welcome, and the selection of sites is drawn from the listing below (which can be expanded as new local sites are found).


Projects” are organized activities that are intended to make a positive contribution to the environment and diving in general.  The “Projects” that we should consider carrying out this summer include:

  • search for the wreck of the Weeso (our own local shipwreck),

  • exploration of logging cribs on the Ottawa River,

  • search for steamboat wrecks in the Ottawa River (literature search followed by diving),

  • search for Sturgeon holding areas in Ottawa River(reported to exist in McConnell Lake),

  • exploration of steamboat wharfs on the Ottawa River,

  • scouting for new dive sites to include in dive schedule (exploring local waters – see the list below),

  • further development of the flooded Stonecliffe Village site (planned for October 2008), and

  • continuation of the cleanup of the waterfront in front of Deep River (planned for September 2008).

Project leaders are needed.

Exploring new waters (to find new dive sites for club events) is another type of project activity that uniquely combines first decent diving with bush road orienteering and “off roading”.  The other challenge in this frontier activity is accommodating the millions of mosquiotos that have never seen the likes of us frog people.  The waters in the area to explore include;

  • Calabogie Flooded Village

  • NPD Cribs (Ottawa River)

  • Mackey – Stonecliffe Flooded Farm Sites (Ottawa River)

  • Schyan Depot (Ottawa River)

  • Weeso Wreck (Ottawa River)

  • Mattawa River Falls Pool(s)

  • Dumoine River Ryan's Chute Pool

  • McConnell Lake Sturgeon (Ottawa River)

  • North Bay area dive sites

  • Renfrew-Cobden area dive sites

  • Aylen Lake Mine Site

  • Bonnechere River Mill Ponds



 Mayflower Dive

River Cleanup

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