Deep River Underwater Club (DRUC)

  Deep River, Ontario

Dive Sites and Reports

To track the good, the bad, and the ugly (dive sites), after the dive events we often assign the more keen divers with the task of preparing dive reports, with the intent being to accumulate a library of Upper Ottawa Valley dive sites.  Other Clubs also do this, so wouldn’t it be excellent to be able to check out the various sites at different regions of Ontario during those freezing cold nights of January from the comfort of your warm home…

Here’s our collection so far. Kudos to the keeners that continue to contribute!

NOTE: the DRUC assumes NO responsibility, direct or implied, for the safety of diving at this site using this information.  The information in this report presents general information on conditions and certain known hazards, but conditions are variable and other hazards may exist from time to time.  It is every diver’s own/personal responsibility to ensure that the conditions are adequately safe with respect to his/her training and experience – THIS INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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