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To keep abreast of the news within the DRUC, here’s a listing of notices and news, in chronological order.

News & Notices - 2009

Pool Session (annual "Splash Party"), Thursday April 16, 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm 

The first Deep River Underwater Club dive event is being planned for the warm, clear waters of the Deep River Community Pool on the evening of  Thursday April 16. For veteran divers, you'll be able to check out your gear, practice skills, play some underwater games, or otherwise re-integrate yourself with the underwater world without having to endure near-freezing water temperatures. The event also caters to people curious about scuba diving in that we'll have our instructor on hand to let you try scuba diving in the shallow end to determine if you're interested in taking up the sport. The pool is booked for 90 minutes, starting at 7:30 pm (with set-up on the pool deck starting at 7:15 pm). Fees to cover pool rental and air costs are $10 for divers, and $5 for prospective divers. A few gear sets will be provided (free), so just bring the equipment that you have and we'll complete your set. If you need any equipment, or if you'd like to reserve a "try-out session" with the instructor, contact Marc Audet at 594-4989 or Peter Angell at 584-4617 in advance. 

The plan is also to meet afterwards at the Bear's Den afterwards for some snacks and beverages and to chat about the upcoming dive season, e.g., trips, training, etc.
If you intend to come to this session please RSVP, so that we bring enough tanks and other gear to the pool.  

Earth Day Community Cleanup Event , Saturday April 18, 9:00 am to noon  (update)

Although this event comes a few days late for the official Earth Day, we'll be participating in Deep River's contribution to Earth Day.  Set for April 18, all clubs and community organizations have been invited to participate in the event.  I volunteered the DRUC, which was greatly appreciated.   Being water-lovers, we've been assigned the shoreline area of the Ottawa River from Pier Rd to Brockhouse Way as far as the public (canoe) boat launch.  We have been asked to start around 9:00 am and finish before 12:00 noon.  The time/place to meet to start the event is 8:45 am at the Town Hall, where we'll be supplied with garbage bags,  t-shirts, and bottled water  This should be fun, and it'll feel good to put in a few hours of community and environmental service.  Please consider participating in this event.  No RSVP is needed - just show up (but you should bring work gloves and maybe a pole-thing for picking up trash without too much bending over).

DRUC Launches Facebook Group "Friends of the Deep River Underwater Club"

If you happen to have a Facebook account, consider joining the new group called "Friends of the Deep River Underwater Club". We'll continue to use e-mail messaging as the primary way of announcing and planning events, but the Facebook site provides a different type of interactive media. The discussion board, for example, prompts divers to share their diving experiences, sell equipment, brag about best finds (treasures) and share information on good dive sites. The Facebook site also provides links to key web sites, like NAUI, Watersports Scuba School, and of course the DRUC.

The site is open to anyone interested in joining. Hopefully we'll attract past and present members and other divers that have joined us as guests on dive.

"Friends of the Deep River Underwater Club"


DRUC to Participate in Community Cleanup Initiative
Earth Day (PDF) - April 18th

The warm weather this week is an awakening for some of us to start thinking of the upcoming spring and summer and, of course, the diving adventures to be had.  This is a call to come out of winter hibernation.
The spring activities for the Club will involve the following;
  • annual equipment maintenance campaign (early March);
  • annual pool splash party (mid to late March); and
  • initiation of the annual NAUI Basic Scuba course (late April, typically).
In addition, we'll be participating in Earth Day (PDF), and as outlined in the attachment we'll be participating in Deep River's contribution to the cause.  Set for April 18, all clubs and community organizations are being invited to participate in the event.  We should think about a particular clean-up activity (other than going in/under the water), but at the very least we can be deployed to a part of the town to collect trash.  More discussion will follow, but until then, start thinking about whether you can come out on April 18 for a few hours of community and environmental service.
Details of the annual equipment maintenance campaign will follow next week or so.  What we hope to do is (as in previous years) offer to members a free shuttle service for equipment to North Bay, where we have the Club's tanks and regs serviced.  Annual maintenance is a wise (recommended) measure for safety reasons, and if you've been fortunate enough to dive in salt water over the winter, it's especially important that servicing is carried out (internal corrosion issue).
All for now! drive safe!! (soon to be dive safe)



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