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News & Notices - 2010


2010 NAUI Basic Scuba Course Offered by DRUC

Hello fellow divers,

The DRUC is now coming out of hibernation with initial planning for the annual NAUI Basic scuba course.  Information on other Club activities will follow (pool session, evening social, other training opportunities, etc), but the immediate urgency is to get the word out on our annual Basic certification course.

If you know of anyone interested in Basic certification, please let me know, or them know.  Also, if any of you certified divers are interested in furthering your training, please let me know of your interests.  Courses that we will definitely be offering are Advanced and Emergency Oxygen Administration certification.  One course that I’d highly recommend is the Rescue Diver course, which isn’t just about performing rescues, but more importantly, it’s about identifying and addressing precursors to incidents that might lead to the need to perform a rescue.

Marc Audet (584-4989)

President, Deep River Underwater Club

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2010 NAUI Basic Scuba Course Offered by DRUC


  If you are interested in obtaining certification, please read on.  If you know of others that may be interested in obtaining certification in Deep River, please let others know

As in previous years, we'll be offering the NAUI Basic Scuba course in the spring early summer of 2010.  The course will start in late April and end in mid June.  The course will and involve classroom sessions, pool sessions (confined water training) and open water training (orientation dives).  We're doing our best to keep the training as affordable as possible, but unlike commercial training centres that can offer courses at prices below actual cost because of revenues they make from selling equipment to students, our training must be at least cost-neutral for the club to remain viable.

On successful completion of this course, you will be certified to scuba dive (recommended limit of 60 ft), rent dive equipment and obtain air fills.  We place a high degree of emphasis on safety and competence to dive, therefore in line with the NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) credo, we aim to exceed the minimum standards for certification.  It is not uncommon for our students to return from their first trip to warmer waters with stories of how other divers and boat crews did not believe that they had only recently been certified as their skill levels matched those of other divers with more years of experience.


The 2009 schedule is attached as an example of what to expect for 2010.  After the schedule for 2010 is circulated (in early April), we’ll ask you to review the schedule closely.  If you cannot make all the dates for the classroom or pool sessions, you will need to discuss this with our instructor, Peter Angell, ahead of time, as we need to ensure that you will have reached the minimum levels of knowledge and skill for certification.  Please be advised that we cannot accommodate schedule flexibility for the open water training (i.e., attendance will be mandatory). If, from reviewing the 2010 course schedule, you cannot attend a significant number of classroom or pool sessions and/or you cannot attend the open water orientation dives, we’ll ask you to consider taking the course another year when your availability is better.  This is in the interest of the quality of your training experience and ultimately your safety as a well trained diver.

2009 Schedule for NAUI Basic Scuba Course




(times are noted below)



Wednesday April 22nd

“Confined water”#1

21 Frontenac Crescent

Tuesday April 28th

Confined water #2

Deep River Pool

Thursday April 30th

Class Session #1

5 Sumac Court

Tuesday May 5th

Confined water #3

Deep River Pool

Thursday May 7th

Class Session #2

5 Sumac Court

Tuesday May 12th

Confined water #4

Deep River Pool

Thursday May 14th

Class session #3

5 Sumac Court

Tuesday May 19th

Confined water #5

Deep River Pool

Thursday May 21th

Class session #4

5 Sumac Court

Tuesday May 26th

Confined water #6

Deep River Pool

Thursday May 28st

Class session #5

5 Sumac Court

Tuesday June 2nd

Class session #6

5 Sumac Court

Thursday June 4th

Scuba Quiz

5 Sumac Court

June 06 (all day)

Open Water Orientation I

Lake Clear, Eganville

June 20

Open Water Orientation II

Pimisi Bay, North Bay



The course fee is somewhat dependent upon the size of the class.  The fee for the course last year was $400, and we’d expect the basic price for 2010 to be similar.  The fee covers basic certification, which includes all course materials and a certification card (NAUI), and all scuba equipment for confined and open water training (Tanks, Regulators, BCs, weights and wet suits).  Essentially there are no hidden costs, or taxes.  Be advised, however, that we have yet to determine whether the last open water dives will be carried out in the St. Lawrence River at Brockville, which provides greater experience and some very interesting wreck dives following completion of your certification.  If this ends up being the location for the final training dives, the cost of this weekend dive trip is estimated to be $350 (in addition to the $400 certification cost).


As noted, the DRUC will provide all scuba equipment for confined and open water training (Tanks, Regulators, BCs, weights and wet suits), but you are required to provide your own mask, snorkel, booties and fins.  To acquire this basic equipment, we recommend that you buy this as a kit from CANDIVE Scuba School & Supply in North Bay

Course Availability

In order to maintain the specified instructor to student ratios for confined water and open water training, space will be limited on the course.  We will therefore be signing people up on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration Process

Please contact me ASAP if you are still interested in obtaining certification through the DRUC.  We will send out finalized information on the course later this month (i.e., our decision on the location of the final training dives, the refined cost estimate, and the schedule for the 2010 course).  At the end of march, we would ask for you to confirm your interest by registering for the course.

For more information on the course, please contact Peter Angell at 613-584-4617.

Marc Audet (584-4989)

President, Deep River Underwater Club


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