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2010 NAUI Basic Scuba Course Offered by DRUC

Hello fellow divers,

The DRUC is now coming out of hibernation with initial planning for the annual NAUI Basic scuba course.  Information on other Club activities will follow (pool session, evening social, other training opportunities, etc), but the immediate urgency is to get the word out on our annual Basic certification course.

If you know of anyone interested in Basic certification, please let me know.  Also, if any of you certified divers are interested in furthering your training, please let me know of your interests.  Courses that we will definitely be offering are Advanced and Emergency Oxygen Administration certification.  One course that Iíd highly recommend is the Rescue Diver course, which isnít just about performing rescues, but more importantly, itís about identifying and addressing precursors to incidents that might lead to the need to perform a rescue.

Marc Audet (584-4989)

President, Deep River Underwater Club

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