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Stories and Songs

Breakfast with the Birds

By Dianne Lemire 


Grant and Eric awoke early Saturday morning.

The ground was covered with fresh snow.

The boy's minds raced with ideas of what they could do in the snow.

Grant wanted to go snowmobiling.

Eric wanted to go sliding.

Their mother called them to come for breakfast.

As the boys sat down to eat, Grant noticed that there was a lot of activity just outside their window.

The birdfeeder was full of birds.

They were having breakfast too!

The chickadee swiftly selected a sunflower seed and flew off to a near by tree to eat it.

A woodpecker stopped by and pecked at the suet.

The large bluejay, flew in and shoed the other birds away.

He carefully selected a sunflower seed, grasped it in his claws and pecked at the shell until it broke.

The nuthatch, in its usual upside down fashion, moved up and down the side of the feeder and then ate some suet.

A flock of evening grosbeaks, swooped down and bullied their way into the feeder.

They ate one sunflower seed after another, breaking them in their bills and leaving the leftover shells in the feeder.

It was fun to watch the birds and learn about them.

Grant and Eric wanted to find ways to bring more birds to the feeder.