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Plan a Party /Decorate your yard

  • Turn your porch, front entry into a witch's den.
  • Jack-o-lantern to draw the demons
  • Replace your front porch light with an eerie green or orange bulb.
  • Post signs in the driveway bearing messages such as: Beware of Goblins, Spiders for Sale, Rest in Peace.
  • Place several small pumpkins on lamp posts, front steps, gate.
  • Small candles in the front yard.
  • Play a spooky tape...One you made (see below)
  • Setting out - spiders, black cats, owls, bats, ghosts, scarecrows, cobwebs...Hanging
  • Stuff old cloths, old Halloween costumes to have some people just sitting/lying/hanging around
  • Ghost lights -White garbage bags tied over round moonlights.
  • Hanging Ghosts -White garbage bags fill 1/4 with newspaper to form a head and hang
  • Blue and Green Christmas light strings


Make a Halloween will have the scariest house in town.

  • Record some spooky sounds:
    • A piece of sheet metal vibrates when you shake it and can sound like thunder
    • Water spraying from a garden hose onto metal sounds like heavy rain
    • Open a creaky old door
    • A bloodcurdling screech
    • A cackling laugh
    • Rattling chains
    • Scary background music