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Stories and Songs

Easter Story

from a sugar bush friend Linda who had an Easter Story much like Grant and Eric's Mom.

I lived on a ranch in far west Texas as a little girl, and I had no playmates or brothers or sisters to hunt Easter eggs with, so my mother had a better solution. In the spring at Easter time, West Texas is covered with beautiful wildflowers. Texas has thousands of different native wildflowers and most of them bloom over those mountains and canyons in March and April. The day before Easter, my mother and I would walk over the pastures, gathering different flowers. Then we would weave them into a nest for the Easter Bunny, placing the nest in the corner of the yard. Each Easter morning, my wildflower nest was filled with colored eggs. But, one very special morning, I ran out to the yard to see what the Easter Bunny had left me, and I found a nest full of baby kittens. I was 3 years old, and I believed for many years that those little kittens were my Easter present from that old Bunny.


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