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Chinese Parade Dragon

Grant's Class was learning about dragons and decided to make a large dragon for a school parade.

Dragons Head: 


  • Use a large rectangular box upside down for the skull 
  • 2 Large pieces of foam for the mouth/teeth  
  • Tennis balls for eyes
  • Green fabric to hang down on the sides of the head.
  • Red fabric for Tongue
  • Tempra paints (Green, Red, White, Black)
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors


  • Shape foam pieces
  • Assemble Head by attaching 2 foam pieces to narrow side of box and side flap with a Glue Gun. (Kids will need help)
  • Attach tennis ball eyes with glue.
  • Cover bottom on long sides and back side of box with cloth. 
  • Decorate with paint with tempra paints.

Dragons Body: 


  • Use a large plain rectangular sheet of fabric (roughly 4-5 ft wide and as long as you like
  • Small (6-10 in) pieces of coloured fabric/scraps for scales
  • Long thin (2 ft) strips of coloured material
  • Safety Pins for Pining / Or needle/thread for sowing scales on to larger fabric
  • 5 Hula Hoops (depending on length of body) or 4 ft peices of hose to 


  • Attach SCALES - small fabric pieces to cover large plain fabric
  • Attach SIDES - Long fabric pieces to side edges of  large plain fabric
  • Attach hula-hoops to underside of the large rectangular fabric
  • Attach rectangular fabric to Head 

Have children line up under the dragon holding up head and using hoops to hold the body .

Head and hoops are pushed up and down to give the dragon the flowing, life like appearance.

Have fun on parade.


Lasted Updated: January, 2010