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Face Mask from mother Carole Silagi who recently tried it out with her son, after getting instructions from his old elementary school teacher. Thanks Carole for sending this in we have had many requests.


  • Vaseline
  • Plaster Cloth (she suggested, "Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth" and is produced by a company called Activa Products, Inc. (P.O.Box 1296, Marsh, Texas 75670).
  • Paint


  1. Applied vaseline all over face. Cover hairline with plastic wrap covered with vaseline.(Make sure plastic is not on child's face.)

  2. Cut the strips of plaster cloth into strips of about 4-5 inches long.

  3. Dipped the strips into water and molded to face. (Leave openings around eyes, and nostrils and mouth so that they can breath!)

  4. Make about 5 layers on face with the plaster cloth.

  5. Let set for about 20 minutes.

  6. Carefully peel the mask off face. (Have child opened his mouth and yawned a little bit to helped unpeel the mask).

  7. Let it set over night.

  8. Paint with Poster paint, acrylic or polyurethane finishes.

Lasted Updated: January, 2010