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Snowman Ideas


Snowman (Reuse Plastic Meat Tray)



  • White Foam meat trays (Recycle) (Well cleaned
  • Coloured paper or larger coloured meat tray for background.
  • White felt or fabric stuffing
  • Craft foam, felt, or coloured paper (for decoration)
  • Wooden toothpicks
  • White glue or Glue Gun (optional)
  • Coloured photos from magazine or catalog


  • Cut out 2 or 3 large circles to form the body of the snowman,
  • Glue on to Coloured Stiff Paper (or larger coloured meat tray) to form the basic snowman shape
  • Glue a little bit of white felt  at the base of the snowman for snow
  • Decorate the snowman with thin craft foam, felt or coloured paper, (hat,
  • scarf, eyes, nose, buttons)
  • Make corncob pipe out of wooden tool picks (two long together, two short together, join at right angle at ends) glued
  • Make head of broom from wooden tooth picks glued together and glue to a long strip of felt for the handle handle (you may have to make these ahead and use glue gun)
  • Add background, candy canes, trees, sled, skates, birds, kids... (cut out old Christmas catalogs or magazines)
  • Adjusts harder/easier based on the time and skill of your group.


Dollies Snowman

  • Coloured Paper
  • Paper Dollies
  • Glue


  • Glue Paper Dollies to a large sheet of coloured paper (2 or 3) to form the snowman shape
  • Cut coloured paper to form Eyes, Nose, Mouth and any other items you would like (Hat, Scarf, Pipe, Arms....)
  • Glue coloured paper onto picture are desired.


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