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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Deep River Community Church doesn’t strictly fit in to any of our categories. This is very fitting, as it is one of the most important functions of the church. Through the Pastoral Care work, the church hopes to be aware of any difficulties, needs and concerns our people may have, and to help in resolving them. This work is conducted through several lines of communication and contact, and requests for pastoral care can come through many sources though generally through the church office or ministers.

Our minister, the Rev. Paul Evans, provides direct support and comfort to people and their families in our congregation who are seriously ill, in bereavement or who have a strong need for counsel and help. He also visits those who are shut-in and any others who need help from the minister.

Our voluntary associate minister, Rev. Andy McKee, chairs the Pastoral Care Committee and coordinates the lay pastoral care teams. He shares the visiting of people who are shut in and those in hospital with Paul. He also attends to those who live out of town and in other communities.

Another branch of the Pastoral Care Committee’s work, which also comes under Andy’s leadership, is the Church telephoners group. There are about 35 people in this group. Together, they maintain contact with everyone in the congregation, by calling them once or twice during the year and providing an opportunity for people to voice their concerns either personally or with the church.

A pastoral care team also serves general pastoral care needs for the church. Team membersvisit people who can’t easily get out to church or to visit with others; people in hospital, long term care and others who may need pastoral care. When needed, they will take concerns about yourself or a friendto Paul and Andy.
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