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Ten Thousand Villages Craft Sale

Each year in October our Mission Committee calls on all of the human resources that we have in Community Church and puts on a Ten Thousand Villages International Craft Show and Sale. Ten Thousand Villages is a fair trade branch of the Mennonite Central Committee which brings handcrafts from desperately poor people around the world to resell in their 180 Ten Thousand Villages stores across North America and in short one or two day sales like ours.

Our sale is held on a Saturday afternoon in October, one or two weeks after Thanksgiving and is eagerly anticipated by the whole community. The Ten Thousand Villages organization always supplies us with a wide range of lovely crafts from Vietnamese pottery to Indian tablecloths to Peruvian leather goods.

The sale is a benefit to many different groups. Most importantly, we sell over $6000 of crafts, all but 10% of which goes to the MCC and to the artisans themselves. This income allows them to live safer and better lives and to have faith in themselves and hope for the future. The 10% which we retain goes, after fairly minimal expenses are covered, to one of the local charity organizations, such as the North Renfrew Family Services. And last, but not least, the people of Deep River are delighted to be able to select items from a variety of high quality international crafts, and to know that their purchases give double pleasure - to themselves and to the artisans who made the crafts.
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