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A Brief History of Community Church

In the early days of Deep River (See Detailed Church History 1945 to 1978) a survey of the town residents showed them to strongly support a multi-denominational church.

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Detailed Church History 1945 to 1978

In 1945 these multi-denominational groups started having church services in the carpenters' shop where the Cockroft Apartments now stand.

This group, mainly Anglicans and United Church, decided to form and inter-denominational church to be called The Deep River Community Church.

The first service of the new entity was held in Cockroft School on April 7,1946, with the Reverend Phillip Ross, Pastor of the Chalk River United Church conducting.

In 1950, the National Research Council agreed to build a community hall which would house the Community Church and the Anglican Church, which had recently separated. This Community Hall, our present building, is now owned by Community Church.

In 1956, with the church, and in particular the Sunday School, literally bursting at the seams, it was decided to build the Christian Education Centre which in 1960 was opened for use.

Since that time other Churches have been built and their congregations have left Deep River Community Church. Today the congregation has around 250 members and is still a spiritually diverse group.

The church officially is in friendly association with three denominations ‑ United, Presbyterian and Baptist, and maintains relations with the Renfrew Presbytery of the United Church of Canada, the Lanark and Renfrew Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Canada and the Central Association of the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec.

Our spiritual needs are attended to by our minister, the Rev. Paul E. Evans, and our Voluntary Associate Minister, the Rev. Andy McKee. In the recent past, we also had student interns who came for four to eight month stints.

Administratively, the church operates under the Council and a number of committees, the members of which are elected annually at a congregational meeting for one or two year terms. Under the guidance of these people and of our ministers, Worship Services and Kidsí Church are conducted and many activities and functions go on. We have a very active 20+ member choir, an attentive pastoral care committee, and a whole lot of terrific cooks who supply wonderful food for the many potlucks, teas, etc. that we have.

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Deep River Community Church is enriched by spiritual stimulation, wonderful music and close and warm fellowship.
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