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Deep River Community Church Council

Our Council Members 2017

Deep River Community Church has a slightly different organizational structure to most churches.   It is self governing under its own  Constitution but is in friendly association with two of the major churches in Canada (Presbyterian Church in Canada and United Church of Canada).   Church administrative matters are looked after by the staff and Council.   The Council includes the Council Chair, Vice Chair and Past Chair, the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer and the Chair and Vice Chair of a number of program committees which plan and administer specific aspects of church functions.   The Ministers, the Envelope Secretary and Assistants, the Pastoral Care Committee Chair and the Leading with Care Committee Chair are also members of Council.     A new Council is chosen each year at the Annual General Meeting of the congregation.

The positions for the Council and other elected or appointed positions from 2018 February 11 are:



Dave Torgerson

Vice Chair


Past Chair

Alistair Miller

Secretary, Circle Representative

Bea McIntosh

Program Committees

Christian Education Committee

Vice Chair

Heather Chaput

Membership Committee

Vice Chair

Imola Molnar

Missions Committee

Vice Chair

Janna Keeling

Pastoral Care Committee

Vice Chair

the Rev. Andy McKee

Property Committee

Vice Chair

Alan Carmichael

Stewardship Committee

Vice Chair

Jacquie Slater

Worship Committee

Vice Chair

Margaret Miller

Other Committees





Don Barrington

Assistant Treasurer

Elizabeth Ells

Envelope Secretary: (appointed by Council)

Laurel-Anne de Guzman

Assistant Envelope Secretaries: (appointed by Council)

Tracy Echlin

Personnel Committee

Chair: (appointed by Council)

Alistair Miller

Leading with Care Committee

Chair: (appointed by Council)

Jane Woodcroft

(The above, plus the Ministers, are members of Council)

Other Positions



Revenue Committee


Dé Groeneveld

United Church of Canada Representative

Upper Valley Presbytery Representative (appointed by Council)

Rod Delaney

Search Committee


Alistair Miller

Nominating Committee

Chair: (elected by Congregation)

Alistair Miller


(recommended by Council, approved by Congregation)

Gary Van Drunen


(elected by Congregation)

Walter Harrison

Evans Harrison

Ellen Sills
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