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Search Committee

The Search Committee has begun its work with a description of the minister desired;     

Deep River Community Church’s New Minister: Our Perceived Perfect Profile of his or her Characteristics  

Our well-loved current minister, the Rev. Paul Evans, will retire in June 2019.  We’re looking for an unusual person to take his place.  So we’re starting in lots of time and, if it were to be useful, we are open to considering to an overlap in ministry. 

We know ministry is a very demanding vocation that draws on energy, curiosity, personal talents and, ultimately, on personal faith.  While we expect leadership from our minister, the load is shared with Community Church’s Council and congregation.  Indeed, we encourage our minister to enjoy the considerable talents of the congregation and wider community, reaching out to utilize these.  Community Church’s unusual self-government deviates from the typical hierarchy that places the minister between the presbytery and the congregation.  In many aspects, our minister works collaboratively with the Church Council.

Over the last ten years, the congregation has become attuned to progressive Christian theology although our minister appreciates the theological diversity within our congregation.  Our Church is fortunate to have a strong music tradition and a great choir.  We have a long-standing reputation for generous support of missions, local, national and foreign.  We have provided leadership to establishing social services in our town.

Deep River is the home of Canada’s main centre for nuclear research, giving us an elevated proportion of scientifically-educated inhabitants, even a recent Nobel Prize winner among our past members.  Employees from the nearby Petawawa armed forces base are also among us.  In many ways, Deep River is a special small town in a beautiful setting on the Ottawa River and on the periphery of Algonquin Park.  Our town offers a remarkable range of cultural and sporting activities, has an exceptional library, its own symphony orchestra, great beaches, and interesting people.

We hope to attract a minister who is warm, welcoming, empathetic and with a sense of humour, and with an all-inclusive love of people in all their diversity.  We would like him or her to have a preaching presence and be capable of presenting challenging ideas.  We’d really like to strengthen our youth ministry.  That said, he or she should be able to engage in pastoral care for all ages and stages.

Community Church has a family-sized manse, not attached to the Church property.  However, if a housing allowance would be preferred, this could be arranged. 

The Church is affiliated with the United Church of Canada and the Presbyterian Church in Canada and our remuneration fully meets their guidelines.

We consider music to be an integral element in our services.  PowerPoint projection facilitates our worship.

The Church building includes offices, meeting areas and Sunday school space in the lower level.  Our adjacent Christian Education Centre is used for Church-related events: weekly drop-in coffee mornings, occasional lunches and suppers, and fund-raising activities.  This building also hosts a broad range of community activities.  

For more information, please feel free to contact either the Church office (613-584-2812) or the Chair of the Search Committee, Alistair Miller (613-584-4284 and ).
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