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Search Committee

Deep River Community Church is an ecumenical congregation with approximately 250 members. It is situated in a small but very active community along the beautiful Ottawa River. We are seeking a full-time ordained minister or ministerial team - after the retirement of our current minister in mid-2008 - to lead our established church family into the next phase in its life and mission. We are looking for a confident, enthusiastic and compassionate leader with strong communication skills to connect with all members of our diverse congregation. This leader will require the ability to balance exploring new and challenging ideas with presenting a more traditional message. Such a leader will prepare and present sermons that relate to daily life, provide pastoral care and counseling, and work with people of all ages. We need someone who has the passion to engage the heart, mind and spirit of the community in faith and worship and who is excited about facilitating change to meet evolving circumstances.

We see this as an opportunity for challenge and personal growth, for renewal of our church community and for outreach to a growing community of unusual diversity.

We invite interested parties to view the report of our Joint Needs Assessment Committee. (PDF File 1.5MB so downloading with Dialup may take a little while.)

For further information contact Morley Taylor, Council Chair, 613-584-9868, or Mary terHuurne, Search Committee Chair, 613-584-4531, .
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