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Revenue Committee

Background: DRCC has no mechanism to accumulate deficits and, to continue as a church, we must be able to continue to pay our bills.  Therefore, Council has formed the Revenue Committee to explore various means of dealing with our deficits for both the short and long terms. Various Sources of revenue and their impact on DRCC local expenses income have been discussed.

  1.  Fund Raising Events: the list below raised about 10,000$ in the last two years.  In the future   any net proceeds after disbursements could  go towards  the Local Expenses Account
    •  10,000 villages (incl. coffee)
    • bake sales
    • Ham & Bean supper
    • Card party
    • Concerts
    • Spring Carnival
    • Afternoon tea
    • Silent auction
    • Movie Night
  2. New Fund Raising Possibilities
    1. Serve wine at Church Supper (e.g., at $5/glass- we will need to buy liquor license) or beer/wine/pizza at movie night; this is based on a successful approach used in the UK.
    2. Workshops by knowledgeable local people (e.g., computing for dummies, water colour. photography, "Science Association-like" evening with interesting speakers,). It is felt there is a lot of expertise in the congregation.   
  3. Rental Revenue:  average rental income for the CEC is ~10K for the past three years.  In addition we provide free accommodation to various charitable or not-for-profit groups
  4. Strategy  for 2016 Budget Deficit Reduction
    1. Use some of  the designated funds (e.g. Church access fund, Ladies  Circle)
    2. Similar to what was done in 2005-2007 via a Designated Debt Reduction Fund
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