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Revenue Committee

The revenue committee was established in 2016 to coordinate and monitor various means of revenue generation for DRCC.  Aside from annual DRCC member donations, other revenue sources for DRCC are rental income, income from various church events, and investment income.  The  rental income for 2017 was almost $13,000 which compares well with an average rental income of $10,000 during the past four years.
The income from various events (suppers, silent auction, card parties, bazaar, etc.) was $14,349 compared to $16,165 last year; most of this amount was used to support the Local Operations Account but about $4500 went to Missions, Circle Account and the Hospital Auxiliary Whistle Stop.   


In 2016, an investment account was opened for memorial funds that were designated for future long term growth.  Initially the $50,000 bequest from Jessie Brown was placed in this account and its value was $51,985 on Jan 1 2017.  During 2017, the Grace Barrington fund ($10,500) was added to this account.  The value of this Legacy account was $70,949 on Dec 31, 2017.  Also during 2017 an Infrastructure Investment account was opened with an initial investment of $75,000 which grew to $78,536 by Dec 31, 2017.   These investment accounts are monitored quarterly by the Revenue Committee.
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