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Leading with Care

Five members of Deep River Community Church attended a workshop of the Presbytery of Lanark and Renfrew of the Presbyterian Church in Canada on protecting vulnerable people in 2003 October.

The Policy to protect vulnerable people in Deep River Community Church was passed by Council 2003 11 30.

POLICY For Protection and Care of Vulnerable People

It is the policy of Deep River Community Church that all persons, in particular children, youth and vulnerable adults, who participate in and/or use the facilities of Deep River Community Church, shall be cared for with Christian compassion and be safe. This shall be achieved by following procedures that prevent or mitigate against unsafe actions or situations, that prepare (train and exercise) people to prevent or minimize unsafe actions, that respond with the legal and compassionate steps should any unsafe situation occur and that provide recovery with Christian compassion for all parties affected should there be any unsafe occurrence.

This policy covers federal and provincial requirements under their laws and regulations, insurance requirements, due diligence and Christian compassion.


An agreement for those renting space in our church buildings was prepared and use started in 2004. It covers release of liability, etc. Also police checks were started in 2004 with Bea McIntosh as Secretary and Rod Delaney as Co-ordinator CMD as the two authorized by the OPP to receive the police checks on behalf of Deep River Community Church.

Two documents were drafted in 2005 November, "Leading with Care" and "Supporting with Care", and the membership of the Leading with Care Committee was passed by Council on 2005 December 11. The membership comprises the Chair (who must be knowledgeable in "Leading with Care"), the Minister, the Chair of Council, and the Chairs of Christian Education and of Membership. In the first document, it is stated that the Ministers and Council will set an example and will model to the congregation their commitment to safety and prevention including agreeing to a Police Records Check. Also in the first document, the method of reviewing risks are outlined. The italicized portion of the policy is the focus of the "Supporting with Care" document..

Rod Delaney attended the subsequent workshop at the Renfrew Presbyterian Church in 2006 February 18. It was lead by David Phillips, the Leading with Care Co-ordinator for the Presbyterian Church in Canada. The main body of the workshop was three scenarios which were to be considered by the individual churches. As the only representative of Deep River Community Church, Rod sat with the representatives of the host church.

As part of the Kids' Church Leaders workshop in the fall of 2006, a presentation on Leading with Care was given to the leaders.
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