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The purpose of the Property Committee is to ensure that the physical properties of our church and their contents (Christian Education Centre, church and manse) are maintained in good working order and are safe. The work consists primarily of routine maintenance, repairs and replacement of worn-out equipment. It is important that the properties suit the needs of the congregation of course, so the work also includes additions, modifications and alterations such as the construction of the washroom in the Narthex.

The committee has two elected members: a chair and a vice chair. Historically, most of the work has been done by the Property Committee and a crew who volunteer their time and talent. In the past few years, the number of people who are able and willing to contribute has dwindled, and more of the work has had to be contracted.

As a program committee of Council, the Property Committee routinely reports to Council. Approval of Council is obtained before major projects are carried out and any work that might alter or significantly affect the normal operation of the church or our worship is also taken to Council for their approval before being started. The Property Committee works within an annual budget reviewed by Council and approved by the congregation at the AGM. Much of the work required is obvious and other work is suggested by Council, but members of the congregation are encouraged to make suggestions to Council or the Property Committee at any time.

A project coming out of the "Miracle Sunday" in 2005 is the improved access. A roadway layout has been selected which will improve access to the front of the church building for the handicapped, for weddings and for funerals. Grading of this roadway is planned for 2007.


Vice chair:

Access Project Chair: Dave Gallagher
2006-2018 Deep River Community Church
Deep River, Ontario

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