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Pastoral Care Committee

Deep River Community Church Lay Pastoral Care Committee consists of five distinct units that function concurrently with, and in addition to, the pastoral care provided by the Minister, the Voluntary Associate Minister and a Student Intern, when applicable. Currently, lay pastoral care is coordinated by the Voluntary Associate Minister.

The five units of pastoral care are:

  1. Lay hospital visitors;
  2. Lay telephoners;
  3. Lay pastoral care visitors;
  4. Lay people who deliver sermons from the previous Sunday;
  5. Informal lay pastoral care.

1. Lay Hospital Visitors

Due to the Deep River District Hospital’s interpretation of the Privacy Laws, it is quite difficult to learn who is in the hospital. Thus it is helpful if the minister or voluntary associate minister notify the lay person on duty of anyone who is in the hospital.

A new visiting schedule needs to be prepared for the beginning of each year, as each lay hospital visitor covers one week out of five.

2. Lay Telephoners

Although the Constitution states that the Pastoral Care Committee “-operates a telephone contact group”, this function currently has been replaced by personal contact.

3. Lay Pastoral Care Visitors

At present there are 11 lay pastoral care visitors, who keep in touch with certain persons, visiting them as often as possible. Training is provided annually, including a presentation by the Leading with Care Committee.

4. Lay Sermon Deliverers

At present, 20 people receive copies of the sermon for each Sunday, usually by Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week. One person receives them by mail.

5. Informal Lay Pastoral Care

Informal pastoral care is continually encouraged and frequently provided on an on-going, informal basis by the outreach of countless individuals who make a point of showing concern at coffee hour after worship and during chance encounters in the community. (This would not be formalized by the Chair of Lay Pastoral Care).
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