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Welcome to the Deep River Community Church
located in Deep River, Ontario, just off Deep River Road, near Hwy 17.

Deep River Community Church sits on a hill overlooking the road into Deep River —in spirit, greeting new arrivals to our town

We are an open, welcoming and diverse fellowship exploring and striving to live the all-encompassing love of Jesus.

Worship service is at 10:15 unless otherwise noted.

2018 Annual Report

Rev Paul E. Evans,
B.A., B.Th., M.Div.

Our spiritual needs are attended to by our minister, the Rev. Paul E. Evans, and our voluntary associate minister, the Rev. Andy McKee. The church is self governing under its Constitution and, between Congregational meetings, the church operates under the Council and a number of committees. Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs are elected on a staggered basis annually for two years at the annual congregational meeting.

Under the guidance of these people and of our ministers, Worship Services and Sunday School are conducted and many activities and functions go on. We have a very active choir, an attentive pastoral care committee, and a whole lot of terrific cooks who supply wonderful food for the many potlucks, teas, etc that we have.

Missions and Community Outreach both locally and globally are an important part of our church life.

Inside, the church is a light, peaceful sanctuary, a fitting and conducive place for the worship of God.

You may also find some surprises as special events are held throughout the year (some are captured under "Historical")

The driveway beside the church will take you around to the parking lot at the back of the church, and give you access to both the church and our adjunct building, the Christian Education Centre.There is also a driveway between the buildings and around the Christian Education Centre for handicapped access, weddings and funerals.
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